Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Fonzworth Bentley released the first video from his solo project last week. The video, Everybody which features Andre 3000 and Kanye West is highly entertaining and does not include any of the "negative" things that are heavily scrutinized in today's Hip-Hop videos (guns, violence, buttnaked hoes, etc.). Lacking these key elements we wonder how much airplay it will receive on the major music networks. The results from this test should shed some much needed light on the "Hip-Hop Vs. America"debates.

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flicchic said...

i don't watch bet or mtv b/c of what bentley's video is lacking...the guns, butnekkid hoes, violence, "ice," etc...and it's crazy that i've heard no buzz about this song, the video, or his solo project! but nobody wants to market music (videos) that young children, adolescents, and adults SHOULD be listening to. the song has a nice beat, smooth lyrics, and smooth moves from hip hop's finest.

if this was what mtv and bet had to offer, i wouldn't mind stopping by either of those channels...

this is definitely something i'd like to stare at :)